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Shenzhen Huaqiang North is becoming a market leader in China's LED Lighting

Good policy the opportunity to bring industry!


Car Tools to replace traditional incandescent, fluorescent lighting the most energy saving effect of a new technology in recent years has become the most development potential and market size of high-tech fields.


National Development and Reform Commission jointly announced before the 6 sectors, "the views of the semiconductor lighting energy industry," Shenzhen Semiconductor Lighting is a major positive. Shenzhen LED Industry Association official said, the introduction of this policy will help the Shenzhen LED lighting industry, further develop and expand, to seize the industry high ground.


According to reports, after 10 years of training and development, Shenzhen City in semiconductor lighting technology and product development, production and sales of all kinds of enterprises, as of last year, more than 700 expected this year, more than 900, the initial formation of an extension from the upstream , chip to the package, applications and supporting products, industrial chain; Last year, Shenzhen LED industrial production value has exceeded 18 billion yuan, number of employees for more than 12 million registered capital of more than 2 billion. Century Epitech, Yuanheng optoelectronics, Bombel, Chau Ming, Emperor of light, dozens of parties and big business, has lead the LED lighting, backlight display, large screen applications.


At present, Shenzhen has become the world's leading LED backlight manufacturing and supply base, LED display China's largest production and supply base.

LED professional market together to create industry advantage


According to the municipal industry and trade and Information Technology Commission said the city is currently building LED professional market, Huaqiang North, Shenzhen well-known enterprises in order to gather, to form the industrial advantages, so that enterprises with Shenzhen Huaqiang North, "China Electronics First Street", and to obtain more domestic and international orders.


Shenzhen LED industry say the number of enterprises in Shenzhen LED has been occupied for more than half of the country, large scale production. Driven by the favorable policies, Huaqiang North, LED professional market with the advantages of Shenzhen in the future will further strengthen and expand the LED industry.


In fact, Shenzhen, attaches great importance to the emerging LED industry, have long had to seize the high ground as the LED industry, the city's industrial restructuring and fostering new economic growth point of major industries. Recently, Shenzhen LED industry is "big move" frequently. City-depth investigation and deliberation, have published, including "Shenzhen Semiconductor Lighting Industry for a number of measures", industry planning, demonstration projects, including the four "official documents", even behind the city's LED industry gallop.


It is reported that starting this year, Shenzhen will be for 3 years, research funds from the city to allocate 100 million yuan in special funds industry (not including demonstration subsidies), strive to promote the LED industry. According to the latest industry planning, Shenzhen LED industry, the main objective of future development is the formation of 130 billion yuan in 2015, the production value.


Favorable global industry giants in Shenzhen!


Shenzhen promising global industrial giant, have invested in Shenzhen LED lighting industry. I understand that in the recent LED Lighting Fair held in Shenzhen on behalf of the state semiconductor lighting industry's highest levels of State Lighting R & D and industrial alliances, the emergence of industrial giants such as Philips figure. Philips has officially joined the Union Fair, officially, claiming that further increasing the investment in Shenzhen, to expand R & D and production capacity.


"Faced with market opportunities, Philips Lighting Shenzhen Semiconductor Lighting Industry optimistic about prospects for the development." Philips Lighting, said the person in charge, Philips now has a consumer in Shenzhen.


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